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Regarding “Town considers allowing tattoo studio at the mall” in the January edition of The Pineville Pilot:



We are NOT in favor of the proposed tattoo studio. I, my family and neighbors all bring children and teens to Carolina Place Mall.

We would boycott and go to another mall rather than expose our youth and young adults to this environment.


Martha Kuitems

Philip Kuitems and family

Amy Deligdisch and neighbors in the Bridlestone subdivision



Just read the article in The Pineville Pilot about a potential tattoo parlor in Carolina Place Mall.  Oh my gosh! What a terrible step backward for a mall that used to be known for the hairy tank top guys from South Carolina.  The mall’s image has improved SO much and now to consider a tattoo parlor seems insane.  Yep, according to the article this is not your great uncle drunken sailor tattoo parlor.  Professional artists.  Right!  Can’t wait to see tattoos in the Louvre.  Hopefully the Pineville Town Council will think more highly of the mall and its patrons.


Sue Bankston



My name is Erin, and I’ve lived in Pineville all my life. I think adding Déjà Vu to Carolina Place will be a wonderful idea! They sell more than just tattoos and piercings; they have a good variety of retail, as well. It will add to the culture of the mall in my opinion and will make it easier to be able to go and get a tattoo instead of having to commute 15 to 20 minutes to go to an ordinary tattoo and piercing shop. As a person who has tattoos and knows people who have them, it will be a better choice considering everything they carry/sell, as well as being able to purchase clothes and etc. I agree that this is an appropriate place for it to be as in the heart of Pineville, which is Carolina Place Mall. Another thing is the council needs to allow more things to happen instead of ruining the town of Pineville. And by that, I mean stop trying to tear down the historic sites and landmarks in Pineville. Again, this is my own opinion, and they should think about the people and not what the council wants. Therefore, put in Déjà Vu at Carolina Place Mall.


Erin Brown



Why on earth would a tattoo parlor be allowed at Carolina Place Mall? There is so much theft and undesirables hanging around the mall as it is. My question is why would mall management put themselves in a position to have more of the same?  This should not be a

Carolina Place used to be such a nice mall, and it is getting worse all the time. I now drive myself to SouthPark to shop most of the time. If these trashy shops had not been allowed to rent space, we would not see so many hooligans in the mall. If I go to the mall, I go in Dillard’s, park my car there, shop and then move my car to Belk or Macy’s. I will not even walk in the mall because of what I see loitering around there. Please do not let our mall become another Eastland! If this nonsense isn’t stopped, this is what it will become.  Something has to be done to stop this travesty.

Getting a tattoo is not like getting a haircut! There is nothing professional about a tattoo artist. This is greed, pure and simple. Carolina Place will lose all respectable people who shop there, and the decent stores will absolutely lose business!


J.C. Smith


*Editor’s Note: The Pineville Town Council approved a text amendment change at its meeting Tuesday, Feb. 11, that would allow Déjà Vu Tattoo and Piercing to open a store in Carolina Place Mall. Mayor Pro-tem Melissa Rogers Davis and Councilwoman Debbie Fowler voted against the proposal, while Councilmen Les Gladden and David Phillips approved the conditional zoning. Mayor Jack Edwards broke the tie, giving Déjà Vu the go ahead to soon call Pineville home. See more on page 1.


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