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CMS to host mid-year graduations

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools will host the district’s 2013-14 mid-year high school graduations Feb. 3, a Monday, at Bojangles’ Coliseum.

The district will host two graduation ceremonies throughout the day. South Mecklenburg High mid-year graduates will be recognized at the 4:30 p.m. ceremony, along with students from several CMS high schools. A second ceremony for other CMS high school students will be held at 7:30 p.m.

Bojangles’ Coliseum is located at 2700 E. Independence Blvd. Find a full list of CMS mid-year high school graduations at the CMS website,


CMS takes honors in national assessment

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools recently received results from its participation in the National Assessment of Education Progress, taking the highest scores in math and second highest in reading among 21 participating urban school districts.

The assessments were given to a sampling of fourth- and eighth-grade students in a group of districts across the country, according to a CMS news release. The tests are aligned with Common Core standards.

Tests in math and science are given every other year. The 2013 results for the 21 districts, called the Trial Urban District Assessment, showed little change from scores in 2011. The maximum score for each NAEP math and reading test is 500. Fourth-grade math results in CMS showed an average score of 247, which was higher than North Carolina’s average of 245. The large-city average was 235 and the national public school average was

In eighth-grade math, CMS students averaged 289, higher than the North Carolina average of 286. The large-city average was 276 and the national public school average was 284.

The CMS average in fourth-grade reading was 226 – the second highest average for participating urban districts. The CMS score also was higher than North Carolina’s score of 222, as well as the large-city average of 212 and national public school average of 221.

The CMS average score for eighth-grade reading was 266, higher than North Carolina’s average score of 265, the large city score of 258 and the same as the national public school average score.

Find more information on the results at the CMS website,


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