Powell Bill to fund road repairs throughout town

Pineville will receive nearly $190,000 in Powell Bill funds from the North Carolina Department of Transportation that will be used to repair a number of roads.

The money, which is nearly $30,000 more than what the town received last year, will pay to repave and repair portions of Lee Street, Rodney Street, Marine Drive, Kenmore Drive and Dover Avenue, according to town officials.

The state transportation department awards Powell Bill funds to more than 500 municipalities each year.

“We mainly (use Powell Bill funds) for road maintenance,” Ed Humphries, Pineville’s interim town administrator, said. “We’ve got about 15 and a half miles of roads in Pineville, and every year we get money to maintain those roads. … We did a study to see what roads needed the most work first.  That’s what you try to do, fix the worst roads first.”

This year’s Powell Bill money won’t be able to fund all of the maintenance, which is scheduled to begin within two to three weeks, depending on weather and other conditions. Town leaders didn’t spend any allocated Powell Bill funds last year in order to save up for larger projects in the future, according to Humphries, and council recently approved $298,053 in road repairs throughout town.

One road project on Cone Avenue, which is estimated to cost $20,285, was held during the council’s Oct. 15 meeting due to pending maintenance from the county on sewer lines.  Town leaders didn’t want to spend money repairing the road if the work would soon be undone for other maintenance, Humphries said.

Costs of other road projects in town range from about $29,000 to more than $100,000.  Project costs include: Dover Avenue, $29,762; Lee Street, $35,087; Kenmore Drive, $60,240; Marine Drive, $65,313; and Rodney Street, $107,651. Some roads will only need cracks repaired and minor maintenance, while others like Rodney Street will be ground down and repaved.

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