Pineville police get ‘second set of eyes’

The Pineville Police Department will soon receive some additional help after town council approved purchasing five cameras to be placed around Lake Park.

Officers will consult camera footage after any incidents of vandalism or other crime in the area to identify suspects.

Police officers will be able to go back and look at footage after any incidents of vandalism or other crime to identify suspects.  With limited funds to hire new officers to patrol the area, town leaders hope this addition will help increase the level of safety in the town at a lesser expense. The department will not have to assign anyone to monitor the cameras.

The town will pay $23,000 for all five cameras, and more cameras could be added in the future if needed.

“I just always thought of it as being a better way to go of having a second set of eyes instead of adding to your police force,” Mayor Pro Tem David Phillips, himself a detective with the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department, said.

Phillips said the cameras would have helped identify suspects after a recent incident at Lake Park where someone vandalized the facility. Phillips hopes the cameras will prevent similar instances from happening in the future.

“Had this camera been in place, we would have at least had that person on video who was committing the crime,” he said.  “With a town our size and an agency our size, we can’t be everywhere.  It allows us to capture information on everything going on in town.”

And the cameras aren’t just for Lake Park. Business owners can purchase cameras of their own, which will be tied into the town’s system and database.  People will not have to pay an additional fee to tie into the town’s database, only the cost of the camera and installation.

“It sends a stronger message that we take public safety seriously in Pineville,” Phillips added.  “It’s just the wave of the future.  The city of Charlotte uses cameras all over the place.”

Business owners interested in purchasing a camera should contact Phillips at

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