Pineville names administrator; Brigman to start Dec. 1

Haynes Brigman has worn a lot of hats, which likely will suit him well when he steps in as Pineville’s new town administrator in December.

Haynes Brigman

Haynes Brigman

Brigman currently is the town manager, town clerk, zoning administrator, planning director and human resource director in Yanceyville, a town of roughly 2,000 people north of Greensboro near the Virginia state line.

“One of the things I have enjoyed most about my position is that I had the opportunity to wear those multiple hats,” Brigman said. “Having that hands-on experience in each of those departments has given me experience on how those departments work.”

Brigman will just be the town administrator in Pineville when he starts on Dec. 1, but it’s one position the town has been anxious to fill to take pressure off Pineville staff and start moving forward on new projects.

“Going through the interview with town council, I learned more about where they see the town going in the future,” Brigman said by phone. “My personal traits as a manager and the town council really matched up well. I look forward to getting settled in and being a part of the community.”

Brigman formerly worked in northeast Charlotte, so he’s familiar with the Pineville area and Mecklenburg County. He also dove deep into researching the town and its key issues, he said, after seeing Pineville was searching for a new administrator. Ed Humphries has filled the position on an interim basis since July 29, but the role has been lacking a full-time employee since August 2012.

Brigman is ready to hit the ground running, and will soon sit down with each department manager, find out what their biggest concerns are and start generating plans for the future.

Brigman’s hiring comes in time for the new administrator to get involved in budget discussions. Luckily, he also is Yanceyville’s budget director on top of everything else.

“We’ve improved the financial standing within (Yanceyville) significantly, paid off long-term debt, put through capital improvement projects that had been delayed and did all that without raising property taxes,” Brigman said of his three years with the town.

Pineville will be a change of scenery and a new challenge for Brigman, who said he’s looking forward to tackling one of the biggest issues currently in town: commercial versus residential development.

“I look forward to getting in there and learning about the balance between retail and residential and setting that plan for the best going forward” in terms of what’s already established in Pineville and what to do with vacant lots in town.

Brigman has already picked out a home in Pineville and will soon move to town with his wife, Carrie.

“I can’t wait to come to the community and be part of it,” he said. “People will see me and my wife out in the community, and I will have an open-door policy. I will do my best to resolve any of (the public’s) concerns and assist them in the best way the town can.”

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