Letter to the Editor for February 17

Dear editor,

I just read your article on the Interstate 485 widening project. I was very disappointed to see that it will still be another year before they even start. The real joke is that the expansion will initially go only to Johnston Road!

Since I live in the area and drive I-485 daily, the traffic is extremely heavy to Providence Road and backs up to Providence daily. When this widening takes place it will not help, as the traffic will back up even worse as the road narrows to two lanes at Johnson. This backup will easily extend pass Carolina Mall. If the state wants to save money and build for 25 cents on the dollar they would extend to Providence Road now. I wish you could publish the persons to contact to implement this change. Perhaps if enough people help make the case, some sense could be made of our roads.

I heard a few months ago that around $250 million was going to be spent to improve the Amtrak railroad to cut 13-minute travel time from Charlotte to Raleigh. Meanwhile, hundreds of people wait in traffic on I-485 for 30 minutes every day. There never seems to be any common sense used in how we spend our money!

Charles Pflum

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