Where does gas tax money go?

Sen. Rucho,

I recently read an article in the South Charlotte Weekly in which you met with some folks in Ballantyne to discuss the potential new toll road on Interstate 485.

One statement was somewhat surprising to me. You indicated there is no money for road improvements of this scale.
I would appreciate a copy of you and your staff’s analysis of exactly where the North Carolina gas tax revenue is actually spent. I understand the gas tax (already one of the highest in the country) is going up even more in the new year and so I have to wonder where all this money goes.

I drive these roads everyday and have driven in various parts of North Carolina and for the most part, especially in Mecklenburg County, the roads are sub par. The only roads that seem really good are in random places in eastern North Carolina and all the roads in and around Raleigh.
I would appreciate your serious attention to my request. I have to believe I can be told where to find the detail breakdown of the use of the gas tax funds. I would like to challenge you and your staff to ask such questions, if you haven’t already.

I have to believe we can finish I-485 around Charlotte, upgrade some of the roads and probably get the wider lanes in Ballantyne and Pineville without a crazy toll road.

Dale Lancaster


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