Roundabout bad for Community House

(In response to “Utility work to start
soon on Community House Road project” on Dec. 30.)

Dear editor,

We drive this intersection twice daily, once in the dark. The traffic circle will slow cars down, but there will be a major back up – which will be a total disaster once North Community House Road is extended over Interstate 485. Now that the Bissell Company will be extending North Community House Road, this intersection will be outdated before transportation officials even begin construction.

I would love to think the Charlotte Department of Transportation has taken that plan into consideration, but after living here for 28 years and living through other road projects, I think it’s wishful thinking.

Timing also is not one of CDOT’s strong points. Isn’t the much-needed overhaul of Elm Lane/Ballantyne Commons Parkway – and throw in the overhaul of the intersection of Elm Lane and Williams Pond – scheduled to begin this summer also?

I recommend we rent this department a house in our neighborhood and let them commute every day into town while these projects go on at the same time.

And for the piece de resistance, add the construction of the new ramp/flyover from 521(Johnston Rd) to I-485!

Paula Gentile

Lansford neighborhood


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2 Responses

  1. Modern roundabouts reduce delay. Slowing down to interact with other motorist is much better than coming to a complete stop. I think your fears are unfounded. has a faq sheet on modern roundabouts. has a video about modern roundabouts that is mostly accurate ( ).

  2. Agree with ScottRAB, roundabouts reduce delay. I live very close to this intersection and drive through it numerous times a day and I cannot wait for this roundabout to be completed. Apparently a large percentage of residents here don’t understand how a 3-way stop works, because AT LEAST 2-3 times a week I see people completely blow through their stop signs, it is ridiculous. This roundabout is a very welcome change!!!

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