Letter to the Editor for January 6

Sen. Rucho,

Sen. Rucho, first let me say that my wife and I are from New York and are now living in Matthews. Please continue reading and give me the courtesy of a minute of your time.

After reading the article in the South Charlotte Weekly regarding the proposed toll lane, we were outraged but at the same time couldn’t stop laughing.

It is beyond belief that anyone would think that a toll lane would ever help “navigate” traffic.

Senator, yes more lanes would certainly help relieve traffic congestion. But a toll lane? We grew up in New York, and never in our 65 years have we seen a toll lane help relieve traffic. We do realize money to finance the widening of Interstate 485 has to come from the taxpayers, but not from building a toll lane. Please excuse me, but give me a break.

My suggestion would be to make that one lane an HOV Lane (High Occupancy Vehicle Lane) and finance it through other means of taxation. At the same time, find money from other failed programs to help pay for the project. I have to believe there are plenty of them lingering in the background.

The HOV lane would promote car-pooling, decrease the amount of vehicles on the road and save gas.

Finally, constructing a toll lane would mean it will never go away (at least we’ve never seen one disappear in New York). You know as well as I, the cost of the toll will always go up, the people will regret ever finalizing it. And guess who they will blame?

Salvatore Tepedino


Editor’s note: This letter was addressed to N.C. Sen. Bob Rucho, whose District 39 covers much of south Mecklenburg County. Rucho spoke at a meeting last month in Ballantyne about a proposed toll lane on Interstate 485 between Interstate 77 and Johnston Road. The South Charlotte Weekly runs Letters to the Editor on timely, local topics. Email letters to editor@-thecharlotteweekly.com.

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