Letter to the Editor for November 11

I-485 needs dedicated express lanes


In Detroit and Chicago, dedicated express lanes on the far left side of each traffic direction have proven extremely effective, and during peak periods, both express lanes can run the same direction.

In Charlotte on Interstate 485 between Interstate 77 and N.C. 16/Providence Road, transportation leaders could construct an express lane on the inner loop between Providence Road and South Boulevard, and on the outer loop between South Boulevard and Johnston or Rea roads.

Carrying the express traffic around the congestion of Rea, Johnston, Pineville-Matthews, and South Boulevard will allow local traffic to enter and exit the interstate easier because the express lanes’ traffic count is removed from the merge issues.

Express lanes are completely blocked off from local lanes and have a minimum 65 mile-per-hour speed requirement. You can even experiment with a system today with minimal expense, as there is sufficient space along the I-485 medians. I believe even the bridges are wide enough to accommodate one new lane in each direction.

Keep this simple. We don’t need more and more lanes like the ones we have. We have merging issues, not volume issues. We need to get smarter with our limited budget dollars.

Terry Peterson

Providence Country Club

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