Letter to the Editor for September 23

Thoughts on I-485
Dear Editor,
The flyover is desperately needed, but oftentimes highways such as this become “barriers” between communities.
It would be prudent and very forward thinking for transportation officials along with Charlotte to design this interchange with the inclusion of a wide, inviting pedestrian avenue/lane/trail so runners, walkers and cyclists can safely cross the highway between Ballantyne and Torringdon along Johnston Road.
People do attempt to run and cycle over Interstate 485, but it was clearly not intended for this in the current design – nor is it safe.  As the area grows, the two sides are really part of one comprehensive urban community, and over time the area will evolve and only grow denser with workers and residents.
We should not let the interchange prevent people from getting out and safely moving (without driving) from one side to the other for exercise and interaction.

David Bowling
Woodside Falls, Ballantyne

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