Letter to the Editor, June 24

In regards to the planned expansion of and road improvements around the Ballantyne Corporate Park. Park leaders want part of tax revenues generated by the expansion to help pay them back for $11 million in road improvements.

Dear Editor,

What appears to be business-as-usual for Charlotte – the proposed expansion of highways, businesses and places to live – only thinly mentioned the impact on schools.

In a time when another school superintendent is leaving (after what I can only phrase a failed term) our schools are losing teachers and many schools are being forced to close.

Why aren’t some of these millions of dollars being used to help the school system?  The whole state of North Carolina is facing an educational crisis of huge proportions; Gov. Perdue just vetoed a new budget in part due to its massive educational cuts (which was later passed).  Charlotte invests in the NASCAR Hall of Fame, apparently a white elephant, while schools and libraries are closed.

The fact that the Interstate 485 corridor was so poorly planned in the first place only highlights the overall lack of foresight the city has for many other things. In this case, education.

Jon Schuller
South Charlotte

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