Re: “Zoning board also divided on Four Mile Greenway parking lot”


As a frequent user of the greenway and after reading the Feb. 25 article in South Charlotte Weekly, I’m wondering if it’s possible to simply move the existing parking along Bevington across the street to the greenway side of the street. I realize this doesn’t solve the problem of needing more parking spaces, but at least it would eliminate the hazardous “crossing the street” problem.

If moving the parking spaces across the street to the greenway side is not a good option,  I’m also wondering if a crosswalk (no stop sign) could be painted across the street somewhere in the middle of the parking length of the street?

Actually, as is stated in the article, there is ample parking in the area – Calvary Church with huge unused spaces – and the library. There also are lots of street space farther down Bevington toward the third entrance to the greenway. I know a lot of people who live in the area walk to the greenway, which makes a lot of sense. However, it would relieve the congestion enormously if mothers with strollers who live in the area also could consider walking to the greenway.

Mary Caldwell, Charlotte

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