Reverdy Lane-N.C. 51 needs stoplight


I read with interest the article regarding the potential for a traffic light being placed at the corner of Reverdy Lane and N.C. 51. It has recently come to my attention that accidents themselves are not enough to warrant a light. Now, we must categorize the accidents by type of crash. I have personal experience of the types of accidents that occur there.

In July of 2007, my 17-year-old daughter was attempting to turn left off Reverdy Lane onto N.C. 51. There were two cars traveling east on 51. Both were in the right-hand lane. The first car put on the blinker indicating a right onto Reverdy. My daughter pulled out, and at that moment, the second driver accelerated into the left-hand lane and plowed right into the front of my daughter’s Cavalier.

If she had been 6 inches further into the intersection, he would have T-boned the driver’s side. As a nurse, I know she would have been killed instantly.

Additionally, I really can’t believe no one has mentioned the schools that are within a half-mile of this intersection: Providence High School and the schools of Carmel Baptist Church. That intersection at 6:45 a.m. is a nightmare. At the minimum, a light should be installed that is timed for peak school traffic and any other peak traffic times (Sunday morning church ­services).

A light here would be an asset to the safety and well being of our students and the community. It would not only aid our inexperienced drivers, but also our business people trying to get to work during rush hour and the carpooling parents.

Please do not think of this only in statistics. If, God forbid, it is one of your own loved ones involved in an accident, statistics do not matter.

Julie Wright, Matthews

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