Real Help for Real Living: The connection between colon cleanser and Valentine’s Day

The last week in December, I decided to try the Acai berry diet. It requires taking Acai berry pills along with colon cleanser – I wanted to start my New Year’s resolution early.

While “working the diet plan,” I read the label on the colon cleanser bottle. “Trust the colon cleanser to help you feel renewed, vibrant and ready to tackle your day,” it said. Let me tell you, you cannot make this stuff up. I had to laugh – my colon cleanser was going to help me “tackle my day.”

Yeah, right.

There are a lot of reasons I feel ready to “tackle my day,” but taking colon cleanser was not one of them. It was great marketing, but it was overstated. It sounded good on the side of the bottle. This marketing ploy reminded me of a snake-oil salesman telling his would-be customers that his elixir will cure whatever ails them.

What I read on the bottle sounded good, but it never delivered. I took the pills and still had days when I woke up saying, “Good Lord, it’s morning,” instead of what the bottle promised me – “Good morning, Lord.”

If you saw me at the Dowd Y on any of those mornings, you’d know this product failed to do what it promised to do. It came up short on what it said it would deliver.

Not only have products failed to be what they claimed, I’ve also seen the same in people. When my first girlfriend was dating me, she also was hanging out with another guy in the youth group. I thought I was supposed to be her boyfriend. After three or four weeks of this, she broke up with me and dated him.

I’ve had people tell me stories of ill family members as an excuse to use the time off for a vacation. They professed one thing, yet their words didn’t match what I thought was the intention of their heart.

Did it affect me?  Absolutely.

I am someone who needs honesty in the significant relationships in his life. I need to know that your dealings with me are true and honest.

So, what does all this have to do with Valentine’s Day?  If my colon cleanser promised what it could not deliver and if people professed one thing yet lived like “Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde,” what keeps my marriage anchored in a world where truth in relationships can be hard to find? (I told you I would tie this back to Valentine’s Day.)

One of the many things I love about my wife is the purity of her heart. When I look at her, I see this beam of golden light shining from her heart. If I could give her my soul, I know I could hand it to her with the confidence that not only will she return it to me intact, she also would return it in better shape than the condition in which I gave it to her.

It’s too easy to miss character issues of the heart and fall in love with someone for all the wrong reasons. We can fall in love with a body or a face and not consider character issues such as honesty, integrity, fidelity, industry or the role of family in relationships.

When I was dating my wife, the Scripture verse that let me know she was the one was “Many women have done excellently, but you surpass them all.” A few verses later it says, “Charm is deceitful, and beauty is vain, but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised.”

Rev. Tony Marciano is the executive director of the Charlotte Rescue Mission and a regular South Charlotte Weekly columnist. He is available to speak to your group. Call 704-334-4635, ext. 213, to schedule him.

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