Q&A: Scott Chadwick, Myers Park’s new football coach

Hannah Dockery/SCW photo

Hannah Dockery/SCW photo

Scott Chadwick was named the new Myers Park football coach in January, replacing Scott Stein who coached the Mustangs for one season but missed much of the year due to injury.

Chadwick most recently comes from Marvin Ridge, where he served as their coach from 2008-12 and led the Mavericks to a 41-20 record including a school record 10 wins in 2011. The Mavs won three conference titles under Chadwick and had a team GPA of 3.37.

Chadwick comes to Myers Park with 15 years head coaching experience where he’s accumulated an overall record of 112-62. In 2001, he led Bowie High (Md.) to a state championship. 

The South Charlotte Weekly recently caught up with Chadwick to discuss his plans and expectations for the Mustangs this season.

Q: What influenced your decision to come coach at Myers Park?

A: First of all, I felt very comfortable with the administration, both the school and athletic administration here. I felt like it was a place that I could be successful in and that I was going to be supported in. After my last experience, I was going to be very sure that it was a place where I was going to be supported from a school and athletic administrative point. So I felt very comfortable with the people in those positions here.

I felt like I did my research. I talked to a lot of my friends in coaching and other people in the area and everybody just kept talking about how this place has kind of been a sleeping giant. I didn’t apply for any other jobs in the state of North Carolina. This is the only job I even inquired about and I wanted the opportunity to have a job where I wouldn’t be forced to move my home. This gave me an opportunity to stay in my home and be close and I’d heard some good things about the kids here and the opportunity was available. 

Q: The Mustangs went 4-7 last season but you’ve got lots of budding talent returning in Clay Norris, Emrys Callin and Tadarin McNeil among others – what’s the outlook on the season? 

A; I told the seniors that if they would buy in and they would trust and believe in what we were doing then the one word we would never use would be “rebuild.” Seniors don’t want to hear the word “rebuild” because that means future. These guys have been through a lot. This will obviously be the third coach in three years so I promised them that I would do everything I could to make their senior year the best it could possibly be if they would give me their trust and their effort. And you know what? They’ve done that. I’m excited about the season and I’m excited about seeing these guys play.

Q: Myers Park football has been just mediocre the last several years with only one winning season since 2005. How are you going to get over that hump and really make a name for the program?

A: Honestly, I’m not sure. I’m not sure what the secret formula is. I think the biggest thing is that we’ve got to do the best we can to maximize the talent that’s here, and there’s a lot of it. I’ve never claimed to be a miracle worker at any place I’ve been but I do think that wherever I’ve been and wherever I coach the one thing that’s consistent that my staff and I have done is gotten the most out of the talent that we’re given. So to me, that’s my goal – to get the most out of the talent that we have. I think that there’s enough talent here that if we do get the most out of it, we’re going to be able to run a pretty good program.

Q: What are your long-range goals for Myers Park football in years to come?

A: I think we’re coming in here at a good time. We’re doing some real good things facility-wise. We’re going to have a brand new state-of-the-art weight room that will be open this year. We’re going to have a second gym now that’s going to allow us to do some different things so I definitely think that we’re doing some things from a facility standpoint that will allow us to build a program.

And the biggest thing is that we want to build the kind of program that kids look forward to playing in and that they don’t think they have to go somewhere else to be a part of a quality program. We don’t want them thinking they have to go to a different place to get a great football experience. We want to create a great experience here so that the kids growing up, it’s a place they want to come. This place and this school is very good academically. Any kid can get a great education here and we want to create the opportunity for them to have a great athletic experience outside of that as well. 

Q: You’re playing in one of the toughest football conferences in the state with Butler, Independence and now Rocky River, an up-and-coming program and the reigning conference champs. How are you guys going to stack up in a loaded conference?

A: I hate to use the cliché, but it really truly is that you just have to take things one week at a time. If you look at it as a whole, it can be a little overwhelming, it really can. So you just have to take things week to week and do it that way. For us, that starts with our nonconference schedule. I joke with Rick Lewis, our AD, that we’re already playing in probably the toughest conference in the state, couldn’t we have gotten a couple of easy nonconference games? We don’t have any of those either. When you look at the conference that we play in combined with the fact that we play a pretty challenging nonconference schedule as well, I don’t think you have any choice but to take things a week at a time.

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