South Meck senior Moore has far-reaching impact on, off court

by C. Jemal Horton

David Moore uses his 7-foot wingspan to average nearly nine points and nine rebounds for the Sabres. (C. Jemal Horton/SCW photo)

David Moore has a 7-foot wingspan. That, of course, has helped him snare rebounds and block shots when he’s on the court for the South Mecklenburg High School boys basketball team.

But Moore wants to have an even greater reach with his life.

“I’m going to college, and I want to get my doctorate, become a professor and teach history,” said Moore, a senior who sports a 3.7 GPA.

“I think history is very important, and more people should know about it.”

He paused.

“But before that, I really want to help my team achieve even more,” Moore said.

The Sabres have a strong chance of making a strong run in the Class 4A state playoffs, and the unsung Moore is an important reason. The 6-foot-6 forward doesn’t have otherworldly statistics – 8.5 points and 8.4 rebounds per game – but he undoubtedly has a major impact for South Meck, which this season won its first conference championship since 2003.

Because of his wingspan, Moore can play a number of positions for the Sabres, who also were strong candidates to win this week’s Southwestern 4A conference tournament.

“My wingspan comes in handy when there’s a mismatch on the court,” Moore said. “If there’s a guard that’s a little taller than the regular guards, then I have to guard him; I might not be as fast, but I usually can cover ground or just create space so I can put a hand up. Or (my wingspan) helps with rebounds when I’m playing against somebody taller than me. It helps me block shots, and I get a few more steals than other big men.”

Not bad for a self-described “geek for Roman history.”

“History is the one thing I love as much as I love basketball,” Moore said. “I love the Romans because they were ahead of their time, but I just like everything about history. It repeats itself, and I just find it interesting that all of the things that happened before seem to happen again.”

Moore studies his athletic craft, too. He’s second on the roster in rebounding for the second consecutive year, but coach John Fitch said there’s a difference in Moore’s overall game this season.

“He’s really worked hard on his mid-range jump shot, and he’s gotten stronger,” Fitch said. “He used to disappear in some games last year, but you can tell he’s worked hard; he’s really improved. He made that happen. David’s a very valuable player for us.”

Moore hopes to play in college, but thus far, few schools have shown recruiting interest.

“I’m going to college, even if I don’t play basketball,” he said. “I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

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