Work starts at Elm and Ballantyne Commons

Work is under way to improve the intersection of Ballantyne Commons Parkway and Elm Lane in south Charlotte, and drivers should expect to see lane shifts starting next week on the at least year-long project.

The city and area residents have been discussing the problem intersection for years. Work was scheduled to begin in late 2012, then again this September, and now is finally under way. Construction is needed to improve sight lines issues that contribute to wrecks at the intersection, where lines of cars waiting to turn left from each direction block drivers’ views and back up into traffic.

The project will include left turn lanes and a westbound right turn lane on Ballantyne Commons and northbound and southbound left and right turn lanes on Elm. It also will include improvements for pedestrians, including pedestrian islands on Ballantyne Commons and bicycle lanes, as well as medians.

The improvements and medians will extend on Ballantyne Commons from Ballantyne Trace Court to Rea Road, and on Elm Lane from Indigo Row to just south of Millwright Lane.

Crews are scheduled to shift the traffic lanes on Ballantyne Commons between Rea Road and Elm Lane on Monday, Nov. 18, at 2 p.m. to install temporary pavement markings and begin erosion control, grading, median widening and curb and gutter, according to a news release from the city.

As many as 36,000 vehicles use the intersection daily as of numbers provided in 2011, and south Charlotte has continued to grow since then – putting serious pressure on area infrastructure. Residents in area neighborhoods, including the Village of Troon, and visitors to area centers, such as St. Matthew Catholic Church and the Stonecrest shopping complex, have expressed concerns about congestion at the intersection. The additional turn lanes are expected to lessen delays on Ballantyne Commons and Elm.

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