Developer has eye on Marvin Road apartments

A development company is looking to bring a new apartment complex to the intersection of Johnston and Marvin roads in south Charlotte, and with it some area road work.

The Marvin Road Apartments would go near the corner of the two roads south of Ballantyne at 16014 Marvin Road. The developer, Childress Klein, wants to build a complex with up to 281 multi-family units on the nearly 19-acre site. The site currently is mostly vacant with at least one single-family home, according to a petition filed with the city.

Along with the development, Childress Klein already has promised to complete a number of traffic-improvement projects around the site on Johnston and Marvin.

According to the site plan, a traffic signal will be placed at the intersection of Johnston and Marvin which will be phased to allow times for southbound left turns from Johnston and northbound right turns from Marvin. The southbound left-turn lane on Johnston also would be extended to 425 feet to allow more room for cars waiting to turn.

A break would be put in the median in Johnston to allow a left-turn access point to the complex, and a northbound right-turn lane added on Johnston with 100 feet of storage at the complex entrance. The complex will have an entry point on Marvin and Johnston.

All the proposed road work could be modified or removed by the Charlotte Department of Transportation, which is yet to weigh in on the proposal.

Also part of the proposed plan is a 30-foot-wide landscaping buffer and a 6-foot-tall wooden fence between the complex and area properties. There also will be 8-foot planting strips and 6-foot sidewalks along all streets at the project.

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