Two sewer spills reach area creeks

Tree roots and kitchen grease are being blamed for two sewer spills recently in south Charlotte.

The first, on Friday, July 20, was in the 2500 block of Forest Drive. An estimated 1,520 gallons of wastewater spilled from the sewer and into a tributary of Little Sugar Creek. Officials believe tree roots caused the blockage and spill, and crews responded within 41 minutes to clean up.

The second spill, on Saturday, July 21, saw 2,400 gallons of wastewater reach McAlpine Creek in the 7500 block of Dwight Street. Kitchen grease and tree roots caused the blockage, and crews responded within 31 minutes.

No dead fish were found at either spill as a result of the sewer waste. People can call 311 to report sewer issues.

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