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Providence Day’s Fauchier honored

Loren Fauchier, the global education director at Providence Day School, recently won the National Association of Independent School’s 2014 Global Citizen Award.

Fauchier, who has been at Providence Day School for seven years, has always been an advocate for global education, taking the reigns of the school’s Global Studies Diploma program just one year after it was originally launched and helping to improve the school’s global educator certificate program. That program, in which Fauchier has organized several conferences for, is one of a kind, and gives teachers the opportunity to travel abroad and bring their experiences back to the classroom.

Fauchier has had his fair share of experience in the field, both living abroad and also teaching 17 years at Queen’s University of Charlotte. There, he helped start the school’s International Studies major.

So winning the 2014 Global Citizen Award, the first win for Providence Day School, was quite the honor for Fauchier.

“It means a lot to me because I’ve worked hard to promote global education,” he said. “But this also brings recognition to our Global Studies program, which started eight years ago and is now being copied in different ways by independent schools across the country.”

The award is presented annually to an individual for outstanding contributions to global education and is one of two major individual distinctions by NAIS, which is a membership organization that represents about 1,400 independent schools or associations in the United States and has independent school affiliations abroad. The award was presented to Fauchier at the organization’s Global Symposium, which brings together school leaders, educators and experts to review best practices for international studies.

This year’s symposium was held in San Francisco, where Fauchier presented a workshop on global studies diploma programs, he said. Providence Day School’s Global Studies Diploma program allows students in ninth through 12th grade to choose a curriculum and a set of experiences that focus on developing into responsible global citizens. Since it started, 112 Providence Day School students have graduated with the additional Global Studies Diploma, which Fauchier compares to a college major, “very rigorous and demanding.”

“We live in a much more integrated world. The jobs that our students are likely to apply for require global level skills and knowledge and character dispositions,” Fauchier said. “I’ve lived in China and have done a lot of traveling – when I’ve done that, I’ve seen the world is transforming. Americans really need to pay more attention to what the world is and will become and have a role in that.”

Fauchier said the award also helps recognize Providence Day School’s role in creating the Global Education Benchmark Group, a network of more than 130 schools. The mission of the group is to improve global education practices and promote global citizenship, according to a news release. Fauchier currently serves as assistant executive director of the board for that group.

“That group started out as an organization to look at schools like ours and what we do globally,” Fauchier said. “Now the largest independent school global education group, it’s become a force for change.”

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