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Bosco fulfills dream at Myers Park

Working at Myers Park High School has always been a dream for new principal, Mark Bosco.

Mark Bosco

Mark Bosco

The school, rooted in rich history and tradition, has always intrigued Bosco. With its diverse community and programs, he says the school has the chance to prepare students for the real world –  an opportunity and a challenge he’s excited to take.

“You can really make an impact with everyone who walks through the door. It’s the diversity that is something to celebrate,” Bosco said. “It’s like preparing kids for the real world and if you can do that in high school… what an advantage.”

Bosco didn’t always want to work in education, he said. Though he comes from a line of educators, the New York native first had his eyes set on law school and politics. He attended the State University of New York at Albany, receiving a bachelor’s degree in political science.

But after graduation, his future was still unclear. He started work on his master’s degree in political science while working with students in afterschool and camp programs at the local YMCA. There, he discovered his passion for inspiring and teaching kids.

But it was his mother who helped him make the career choice, he said. An educator herself, Bosco said she recognized his potential from the start.

He completed a post-graduate program, receiving a teaching license in New York, but the New York job market in education was tough, Bosco said.

“My mom had a friend, who ironically was the principal here at Myers Park at the time,” Bosco said. “He said I should apply with CMS, so I did.”

Bosco started his career in Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools as a history teacher and soccer coach at Northwest School of the Arts. After four years at Northwest, he returned to New York to teach social studies at Cooperstown High School, where he also eventually served as principal intern. While in New York, he received an educational administration certification from the State University of New York in Cortland, N.Y.

He returned to CMS in 2002 as assistant principal at Northwest before serving as principal at Quail Hollow Middle School for two years and then five years at Independence High School. Most recently, he served as the executive director for the Northeast Zone, briefly serving as interim principal at Northwest in 2012.

“My head said ‘Hey, you need to progress, but the reality is it’s not where my heart is.’ I’m a teacher at heart and as a principal, I love the idea of reinvesting in our community. This is just the right thing,” Bosco said about his new post.

So far, Bosco has met with teachers, department heads and faculty and staff and is planning some meet-and-greets to take place throughout August. But his biggest anticipation is for the first day of school, he said. He’s excited to see the students and see teachers in action in all the school’s programs, including IB, standard and at-risk classes.

His first order of business will be to ensure all of the programs and students are getting adequate resources for their programming.

“We want to see resources to cover all of our kids,” Bosco said. “I think it’s always hard to maintain the balance. It’s not that they’ve been looked over in the past – we just want it to be balanced, so we’re going to take a fresh look at that. We just want to ensure we can meet the needs of all the students who go here.”

Bosco said the school also is looking to beef up on safety and security. With one school resource officer and three security associates, he says keeping the college-style campus safe can be tough at times without the help of all adults there. The school also will hire an off-duty police officer to direct traffic on Runnymede Lane in the afternoons.

“There is only so much work you can do to prepare,” Bosco said. “Right now, it’s just like planning for the party, but in the end, you want to get the kids in here. To be here right now, it’s just really exciting.”

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