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Hawk Ridge named Sam’s Club Teacher Reward recipient

With tight budgets at both school and at home, many teachers will dig into their own pockets this year to ensure their students have the supplies they need to succeed.

So teachers at Hawk Ridge Elementary were surprised and excited Oct. 10 to find their school was chosen for the Sam’s Club Teacher Rewards program, where they’ll receive benefits all year long from the Sam’s Club in Pineville.

“The community has been so good to us. They basically keep us employed and it’s our responsibility to give back and make sure everybody is benefiting in the community,” Robin House, the Pineville club’s membership manager, said.

This is the fifth year for the program, recognizing Pineville, Sterling and Pinewood elementary schools previously, along with a school in Lancaster County in South Carolina. The program kicked off at Hawk Ridge by surprising the Hawk Ridge staff with 20 $50 gift cards to the store to be spent on whatever teachers need, from paper and pencils to snacks and even books.

“They can use it for whatever they want. We have all kinds of children’s books,” House said. “Really you name it, they can get it.”

House said the partnership will actually extend throughout the year. With volunteer programs and extra money to donate to the school, House said all the school has to do is ask to get help they need.

Principal Troy Moore said he’s excited to start the partnership and he’s already been talking to the company to find ways the school can partner even more throughout the year, maybe through the club’s associate volunteer program, or use of the club’s grills.

“They don’t know how much we can actually do,” House said. “I think it’s important that they realize we do things to try and make their lives better.”

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