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Local student attends DNA program in New York

South Mecklenburg High sophomore Jessica Goldfarb has an interest in biology and had the chance to take her interest to the next level this summer when she attended the DNA Science pre-college program at the Dolan DNA Center of Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory in New York.

The program, which started in 1988, introduces its participants to tools of modern biotechnology and provides extensive lab experience with the basic techniques of recombinant DNA, including DNA restriction and ligation, bacterial transformation and plasmid isolation.

Jessica completed honors biology at South Meck during her freshman year, where teacher Jessica Murphy helped inspire her love for science.

“She really encouraged me to go,” Jessica Goldfarb said. “She taught me everything I needed to know to go to the program.”

Around 25 students attended the program this year. Jessica was the only student from Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools and North Carolina to attend.

“It was a really fun experience,” she said. “There were some things I learned I didn’t know before.”

The class was the first of many offered, Jessica said. She says although the commute to New York was tough, it’s definitely a program she would like to attend again to take higher classes with more challenging curriculum.

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