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CMS students selected for N.C. Governor’s School

Several students from south Charlotte were accepted into the Governor’s School of North Carolina, a five-week residential program to take place this summer.

The N.C. Governor’s School integrates academic disciplines, the arts and other unique courses. The curriculum focuses on recent concepts and ideas in each discipline and does not involve credit, tests or grades.

The following students were selected to attend the N.C. Governor’s School for various areas of study:
Seok-Jin Hong, instrumental music – Ardrey Kell High
Soonmin Hwang, instrumental music – Ardrey Kell High
Rosa Park, math – Ardrey Kell High
Poulumi Banerjee, natural science – Myers Park High
Douglas Barnes, art – Myers Park High
Sydney Feinglass, French – Myers Park High
Conner Kearse, theater – Myers Park High
Sona Kumar, natural science – Myers Park High
Yeonsoo Lee, social science – Myers Park High
Apourva Thatavarty, natural science – Myers Park High
Brinda Bhaskar, natural science – Providence High
Halley Freger, social science – Providence High
Erich Jegier, math – Providence High
Sarah Peters, math – Providence High

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