Queen City Ballroom ready for some Love

by Ciera Choate

It’s the Summer of Love Showcase at local Queen City Ballroom, where performers like Andrea Zaramella and Kristie Simmonds are well known. Photo courtesy of Wanda Koch Photography

The Queen City Ballroom dancers are getting ready to show off the talents that led two of them to Open Professional Rising Star Champions at the Millennium 2000 DanceSport Championships.

The group’s upcoming Summer of Love Showcase will let students strut their stuff on stage. Performers will include students who take classes from the ballroom’s champions, Felipe Gonzalez and Olivia Wesolowski, or others at the school who are unable to travel to competitions and events.  Gonzalez and Wesolowski brought home the Latin Championship trophy from one of the largest DanceSport competitions with more than 17,000 entries.

The Summer of Love Showcase will be held at the Booth Playhouse in uptown Charlotte on Saturday, July 28 at 8 p.m. About 50 dancers, ages 8 to 88, will perform in the showcase. Queen City Ballroom holds the event twice a year to give their dancers a chance to hold the spotlight and show people their talents without the pressure of a competition.

The annual performances also differ from competition because the dancers are performing alone without other couples to distract the audience.

“The competitions are quite different.  When you are competing there are other couples on the floor.  When you are doing a show it is much more like a Broadway show and everyone is looking at you, and you aren’t competing against anyone,” Dana Glandon, founder and owner of Queen City Ballroom, said.

Queen City Ballroom also holds the showcase to “make dreams come true” and give dancers a chance to perform on stage.

“As an older adult, being on stage might have been something you wanted to do but never did or could do when you were younger,” Glandon said.

The performance will be what Glandon calls a “variety show” with group routines, three-man routines, couples, girls-only routines and some students will even sing during the show.  The students will perform with their instructors, and the instructors will dance in numbers on their own. All routines and music will fall in line with the overarching theme: love.

Proceeds from the upcoming show will go to the Make-A-Wish Foundation.  For every performance the school donates the money raised to a local charity.  Last year they split the $2,300 they raised between the Make-A-Wish Foundation and another local charity.

Queen City Ballroom is located in the Morrison Shopping Center, 3920 Sharon Road. Find more information at the group’s website, www.-queencityballroom.com.

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