Charlotte author signs books for Navy crew

Don Brown, the Charlotte-based author of “Malacca Conspiracy,” recently took 10 days to sign personal messages to the 208 crew members of the USS Reuben James, a Navy ship featured at the beginning of his latest work.

Brown was originally approached by the wife of the ship’s captain, who asked the author to sign a copy of the book for her husband for his birthday. Brown forwarded the request to his publisher, Zondervan, who wrote back that, if Brown was willing to sign them all, the company would provide free, autographed copies of the book to the crew of the Reuben James, which was at the time patrolling in the Western Pacific and Indian Ocean.

Brown took 10 days to sign the books, using a copy of the ship’s crew list provided by the Navy to write personal messages in each book. When the Reuben James arrived back in port in Pearl Harbor earlier this month, the books were waiting.
In all, Brown signed 220 copies

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